The firm has extensive experience in all aspects of real estate litigation including mediations, arbitrations and trial.  We identify client objectives and develop a litigation strategy to try to achieve favorable results by actions that are effective and cost conscious.  Although most cases settle prior to a trial, our litigation attorneys have substantial experience and success in trials.


Most contracts for the purchase and sale of real estate require mediation prior to the commencement of a lawsuit.  The firm has a record of obtaining favorable results for both Buyers and Sellers of real estate as well as other parties in real estate disputes in achieving settlement in mediations.  Even when not required, early mediation in pending litigation frequently results in resolution that is preferable to clients than further litigation.


Some real estate contracts require that disputes be decided by binding arbitration.  The firm has substantial experience with arbitrations in real estate disputes and achieving favorable results.

Court and Jury Trials

Our real estate litigation attorneys have a proven record of success in both court and jury trials when cases cannot be resolved.


The firm has extensive experience will appeals in real estate and land use cases including published, precedent-setting cases.