Property Dispute Lawyer In Los Angeles

Property Disputes

Our Property Dispute Lawyers help resolve disputes involving neighbors, easements, encroachments, removal of trees, boundaries, CC&R’s and nuisances.

Issues with Neighbors

The firm has extensive experience in disputes that arise between neighbors which frequently become highly emotional which can and should be resolved with the help of our Property Dispute Lawyers.  While formal legal action is sometimes needed to protect rights and remedies, since attorney fees are usually not recoverable at trial, it is usually better to use the legal process to achieve resolution.

Encroachments and Easements

Neighbor disputes frequently arise from encroachments that either are pre-existing or done without actual knowledge of the exact property line.  The firm has a reputation of achieving resolution and favorable results in such matters without the need for expensive, protracted litigation.

Property Dispute Litigation

There are times when pro-active, aggressive litigation is necessary to protect property rights and the firm has a proven record of obtaining favorable results including temporary restraining orders, preliminary injunctions and Court Judgments when formal legal action is needed.