Real Estate Attorney In Los Angeles

Real Estate

Our Los Angeles Real Estate Attorneys have extensive experience in purchase and sale transactions; leases; title issues; easements, deed restrictions; CC&R’s; and related real estate litigation.

Representative Clients

The firm represents buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants as well as other real estate professionals including brokers, agents, property owners, neighbors, architects, contractors, engineers, title companies and others who need assistance from our experienced real estate attorneys.

Purchase and Sale Transactions

Our real estate attorneys help protect Buyers with the review of proposed purchase/sale contracts; title reports including any recorded easements; and due diligence in the investigation of the suitability of property including building permit history and land use issues affecting future remodels or redevelopment.

The firm also provides important guidance to Sellers beyond the purchase/sale contract including disclosures required by law and resolving any disputes during escrow.

Title Issues

The firm provides expertise and experience in the review of title reports and issues that frequently include recorded easements, liens, CC&R’s other encumbrances as well as issues of prescriptive easements, adverse possession and other property disputes between neighbors.

Mediation and Litigation

Our core philosophy is that real estate disputes are usually best resolved either without the need for formal legal or by settlement when a lawsuit is needed to protect rights and remedies.  Based on experience, mediation can achieve resolution of most real estate disputes and avoid the high costs, delays and uncertainties of litigation.  However, the firm has a well-known reputation for achieving favorable results when formal legal action is needed including trials and arbitrations.

Representative cases include Specific Performance, Breach of Contract, Fraud (Non-Disclosure and Misrepresentation), Neighbor Disputes, Title including easements and liens.